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Founder Asad's Story


Why We Made This?

The birth of "ethicl." is a story etched with deep emotion and unwavering purpose. This brand was born not just from a belief but from a profound conviction that the fashion industry could become a catalyst for transformative change. Asad's personal journey, shaped by the crucible of adversity and resilience, unveiled the stark realities of exploitation, environmental harm, and unjust practices within this very industry. Fueled by an unshakeable passion for sustainable design and an unyielding commitment to ethical fashion, "ethicl." emerged as a heartfelt response to these pressing challenges. Our mission is not merely a business endeavor; it's a heartfelt pledge to redefine fashion, transforming it into a powerful force for preserving our environment, championing fair labor, and nurturing a brighter future for our precious planet. We crafted this brand with hearts full of hope, determined to revolutionize the industry, question the status quo, and kindle a spark of change in the hearts of conscious consumers—one that kindles the flame of sustainability and cherishes the well-being of our world.
1) Our Fabric
Behind each seam in our clothing lies a narrative of environmental care. We have a profound commitment to prioritizing organic fabrics made from wood pulp, meticulously selected and woven to craft garments that caress your skin and preserve our planet. Our dedication to utilizing organic materials underscores our relentless effort to reduce our ecological footprint. When you embrace ethicl. you are enveloped in the comfort of sustainable, eco-friendly textiles that elevate your fashion.
2) Our Fit
For us, fit goes beyond measurements; it encapsulates how you feel. Our clothing isn't just manufactured; it's carefully curated with precision and affection. Every piece is handcrafted to perfection, ensuring that you don't just put on our attire; you embody your unique identity. Our fit is engineered to celebrate your individuality while delivering supreme comfort. From wardrobe essentials to streetwear, our versatile styles effortlessly blend into your daily life, empowering you to express yourself through clothing that seamlessly melds chic aesthetics with eco-consciousness.