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Founder Asad's Story


We are a sustainable and ethical fashion clothing business, that aims to help conscious entrepreneurs reduce their carbon footprints by curating sustainable lifestyle staples for them.

Our goal is to help promote fair trade and fair wages practices in the industry. Represent our craftsmen and Rid the industry of unfair practises such as child labour, etc.

While keeping prices low and affordable. We are doing this by sourcing organic materials directly from farmers and by dyeing our products naturally in vegetable dyes.

We are also offering rental and subscription based models online to reduce wastage and to promote re use and longevity of garments.

Fashion is currently the 2nd largest cause of pollution in the world.

From water body poisoning to greenhouse gas emissions.

And has an unfair ecosystem where the people at the bottom usually suffer the most.

We aim to offer carbon neutral and ethical options to the clients who wish to do the right thing for our planet and it’s people.

To be able to leave behind a cleaner, greener, more ethical and an endlessly sustainable world full of health and happiness for our future generations.

Included amongst our offerings to further our vision of a sustainable eco-system in the fashion world are :Subscriptions offers, Rentals, Thrifts. Buy Backs, Re-sell on site, Upcycle and Recycle products too.

Our mission is to plant 5Lakh trees in 5 years and educate 500 children freed from child labour.