Hemp Stripe Sustainable Handwoven Khadi Mask With Recycled Cotton Lining Brown

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By ethicl

Sustainability as standard. We choose the right fabrics to create the best products.

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Made with ethically sourced materials

We use ethically sourced materials, especially materials like Tencel which uses 20 times less water than cotton

Materials & Care

Do not dry directly under sunlight for best longevity. Do not wring. Drip dry, Dry Clean is Prefered but, you may also regular wash.

Why You'll Love It
A world where haute couture goes hand in hand with climate consciousness. Where high fashion meets low waste and sustainability
Designed to last long

We are committed to sustainable fashion. Our garments are handcrafted in factories that are ethical and use environmentally-friendly practices. Our clothing is timeless, which means it will last longer than conventional clothing.

Exceptional fabric

We make our clothing from only the finest materials. Our products are made sustainably with earth-friendly materials, either responsibly sourced, harvested, recycled or upcycled.

Our fabrics are developed specifically for us and we only produce quality apparel that lasts.


We believe in living our values and we produce our clothes with the best materials and the most ethical production methods. We ensure that you have access to a transparent supply chain and curated products under fair trade conditions

20 Times Less

We use ethically sourced materials, especially materials like Tencel which uses 20 times less water than cotton. A regular cotton shirt takes 2700l of water to produce

Fair Labor

We are a brand that is committed to the transformation of the fashion industry. We believe in sustainable production and fair wages for all workers.

Sustainably Made

Our products are ethically sourced, designed to be durable, and encourage minimalistic living. Every step of the production process gives back to society and the environment


Are ethicl clothes organic?

Garments are meticulously handcrafted, using natural resources. We use ethically manufactured, GOTS certified fabrics, wherever possible.

What size should I buy?

If you’re not quite sure which size is right for you, refer to our size guides. They're located underneath the available sizes for each of our products. For any additional questions, contact us. We will ask your typical size and how you like to wear your tops, shorts, and pants so we can suggest the best size for you!

Why does it cost more for sustainable fashion?

It's important to mention the price tag on sustainable fashion. The cost seems high at first, but in actuality it save you money in the long-run. The way that this works is when you buy a sustainable article of clothing, usually it will last longer than one made with cotton or polyester. This means you don't need to replace your clothes as much, which saves money in the long run.

What are the benefits of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a broad term that links to a set of practices, including garment design and the use of organic materials. This means that sustainable fashion should always be eco-friendly and exclude toxic chemicals because it should aim to lessen our impact on the environment.